Vertical Drain Board

The vertical drainage material provided by Sungwoo TM is manufactured with an air-cooled type that was successfully developed based on SungwooTM's technology and experience, and boasts the superior quality in terms of performance and effectiveness.
It will contribute a lot to high efficiency and reduction of the construction costs in civil works sites such as ports, reclamation, roads, railways, and industrial complexes.

  • Economic
  • Reducing terms
    of works
  • Permeability at high pressure
  • Physical & Chemical Stability
Economic efficiency
20-50% of the construction cost is saved compared to sand drain considering the same drainage effect.
Reducing terms of works
Since the product is light and easy to handle, it is possible to install 15,000~25,000m/machine with the construction efficiency
(8 hours work).
Permeability at high pressure
The combination of a filter with excellent water permeability and a plastic core differentiated by depth maintains excellent drainage performance that can be used up maximum depth of 70m in a job site.
Excellent Discharge Capacity
The performance is maintained even with the bended/kinked situation that occurs during the initial consolidation after installation, and the excellent permeability and the adequate AOS can extend the performance of the drainage material and thus maximize the effect.

The Characteristic of Nonwoven of SVD

  • UV resistant material-PET
  • Excellent Permeability
  • Adequate AOS(O90 : 50~90microns)
X 150
X 250
X 20
X 70

The products of SungwooTM

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