Vacuum Consolidation

DVS Construction Method is the most advanced technology in other vacuum consolidation methods and has been developed by Dong-Ah Geological Engineering Comapny.,LTD.
DVS has been improved over a long period of time and has been applied to a number of sites and its effectiveness has been verified.
SungwooTM is supplying with specialized PVD, Corrugated pipe and others materials for DVS method as a main partner.

The Charteristics

  • Possible to shorten the improvement period.
  • Minimizing the soil requirement.
  • Possible to construct and control quality of large area by handling each block.
  • Easy to ensure the stability of surrounding structure by minimizing horizontal displacement.

Key Strengths of DVS Method

Auto Feeder
  • Vacuum material can be cut automatically according to the change of soil strata.
  • Auto Feeder was operated by system.
  • It is possible to cope with a change in depth of soft ground to be improved.
Portable Air Leakage Checking System
  • Air leakage can be checked using portable air leakage checking system(machine).
  • This checking system is operated together with auto recoder on PVD machine.
  • If the vacuum pressure is lower than requested vacuum pressure, we can reinstall the PVD immediately(The defective rate can be controlled to be less than 0.5%).
Materials of keeping vacuum pressure
  • Collection Tank- A system that can separate and manage water and air drawn up by vacuum pressure.
  • PVD – Specialzed manufactured PVD can resist high vacuum pressure.
  • Corrugated Pipe- Helps to individually check whether vacuum pressure of each hole is leaking or not.
  • Airtight Connector-Specially designed to prevent air and water from leaking.