SUNGWOO Silt Protector is specially designed for the purpose of environmental preservation and protection of ocean resources by preventing diffusion of pollution originated from dredging or reclamation works.

The Purpose of Usage

  • Prevention of spreading soil and silt by reclamation work
  • Prevention of contamination adjacent to the area which to construct harbor or revetment
  • Prevention of spreading contamination around the improvement area such as breakwater and riverbed.
  • Prevention of the damage sea farm or beach from the construction site


  • Assembly, installation, disassembly are easy
  • Various products can be supplied. The tensile strength of CANVAS and buoyancy of FLOAT of Silt protector will be calculated according to the marine & the weather conditions of the site.
  • Ease of maintenance and replacement


Silt protector is made up of a float, canvas, anchor and some accessories. Canvas part has strong structure to endure strong energy like tide, wave and wind.

  • FLOAT part
    COVER TYPE : Consisting of two semicircular polystyrene foams inside polyethylene plastic covers.
    ALL IN ONE TYPE : Consisting of circular polystyrene foams by tarpaulin and woven textile.
  • CANVAS part : Polyester woven fabrics which maintains a good filtration and durability

Connection part.

Consisting of some accessories to connect between canvas part and anchor part.

Technical Properties of products

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Physical properties Unit SP3000 10t SP4000 15t SP5000 20t SP8000 25t SP9000 30t Standard
Weight g/㎡ 300 450 600 700 900  
Tensile Strength k/N 100/100 150/150 200/200 250/250 300/300 ASTM D 4595
Elongation % 10 ~ 30 10 ~ 30 10 ~ 30 10 ~ 30 10 ~ 40 ASTM D 4595
Tear Strength(double tongue) kg 50 100 200 300 400 ASTM D 2261
Permeability  cm/ sec 10 -2 ~ -4 ASTM D 4491
Shrinkage - Polyester -2 ~ +2 ISO 7771