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President & CEO Youngho, YOO
SUNGWOO TM was established in 2007 based on experiences in geosynthetic, design, production and sales more than 15years, After the establishment, we have studied and developed to specialized production method and started to produce excellent quality product. In particular, our company succeeded in localizing non-woven for PVD and made a milestone for the country’s geosynthetics development.

Sungwoo TM has developed its own production technology and has various products that can meet the customers’ needs through collaboration with them. Based on these technological powers and competitiveness, we have established ourselves as a market leader in the field of reclamation works, and we will do our best to raise the status of Korea by making full-scale entry into overseas markets.

We would like to ask for your interest and support so that SUNGWOO TM can continue to develop as a company that can take a big part in this field with you.