Horizontal Drain Board

Prefabricated Horizontal Drain( PHD) provided by SungwooTM is produced by two types of cores and two types of bonding methods.
One can be installed into aggregate (sand or gravel) to promote the function of the horizontal drainage layer and the other can be used in place of the aggregate used as a horizontal drainage layer.
PHD, which is bonded with non-woven fabrics by sewing, is an improved product for inserting PVD into PHD.
The purpose of using this product is to prevent the inflow of soil, increase the bonding strength of PVD and PHD, and eliminate drainage resistance occurred by nonwoven.

  • Economy
  • Reducing terms
    of works
  • Physical Chemical Stability
Replacement of horizontal drainage material (sand or gravel)
By adapting the method of inserting PVD into PHD, the environmental problems and lack of drainage layer materials can be solved.
Easy to Install
As it is manufactured in a roll type(80~100m), it is convenient to install and the number of connection point can be minimized. These advantages will increase the stability of construction.
High Tensile Strength and Excellent Discharge Capacity
With the air-cooled production method, high tensile strength and excellent discharge capacity are secured. These two excellent physical properties can maintain the function even when the inequivalent subsidence happens.
High physicochemical stability
Using a polyolefin-based polymer material, it has strong acid and alkali resistance and has strong resistance to organic matter and bacteria in the soil.

Combination of Filter bonding types and shape of plastic core.(Filter type)

  • You can decide the type of products according to the usage purpose.
Sewing method
-When it is used for the aggregate (sand or gravel), it is a bonding method that reduce the drainage resistance of water flowing into the PHD by inserting PVD inside.
Ultrasonic method
Normal bonding method as PVD